New normal covid 19 rules

Staying at Villa Magica – the Covid-19 Rules (New Normality in Andalucia)

Well, the time has come for your holiday, all good, the flights are confirmed. You’re going to stay at Villa Magica!

Here are a few things to know so you get the best out of your holiday here in Andalucia

Rules about masks

Yes! you have to wear a mask in ALL public places, and where social distancing is not possible. This includes shops, trains, airports.

You can buy masks in supermarkets and pharmacies, but for your first day or so, maybe best to bring some with you. The disposable surgical mask in the picture is normal here.

In addition: Its good to carry your own hand sanitiser with you, all supermarkets restaurants provide this, but just to be sure carry your own.

Social distancing – how far apart ?

The “new normal” rules say at least 1.5 metres apart.

Dining Out

Can we go to a restaurant for a meal? What are the rules there?

Restaurants are open for business now under the “new normal” rules. This means they have to spread out tables in order to create social distancing spaces.

Of course you can take your mask off while eating and drinking, however if you need to go to the loo, or go to the bar, you need to hand sanitise of course, and put your mask on.

How to dispose of masks and other disposable personal items safely

Please remember that our staff have to clean after your stay, and this may present a problem to us if you don’t correctly dispose of your masks and other disposable items, e.g. gloves, sanitary items correctly.

  • Remove mask/other item from face/other parts, be gentle so as to not disturb liquid and solid contaminants on the mask/other item
  • Place mask/other item in a plastic bag – like a food storage bag
  • Secure bag tightly
  • Place plastic bag into the garbage can
  • Wash hands immediately after disposing of your mask/other item
  • Never put on a new face mask/other item until you have properly washed your hands

As always, it is a pleasure to host you at Villa Magica and we look forward to your stay!