Mrs Dugre – Canada

To celebrate our 20 years of life together and to get closer to French friends who witnessed our marriage, we rented Julie’s magnificent house.
The objective of the trip was to visit the Costa del Sol, meet long-time friends and receive one of our sons with his family.
During this trip a friend accompanied us.

Villa Magica was perfect for our projects. It is a paradise between the sky, the sea and the earth. What a panorama at sunrise and all day!

With our son and his family, we took advantage of the superb grounds and other facilities, visited the surroundings, ” el pueblo ” and the seaside.

After the family’s departure, the French friends arrived for 5 days.
Even at 7 people, we never felt cramped.

The house is large and equipped beyond what one would expect from a rental. It has privacy corners for everyone. The exterior is perfectly landscaped, there is something for everyone. Safe also for children.
There are 4 bedrooms but only two have double or queen beds. The twin rooms are perfect for children but an adult is less comfortable because the beds are narrower and shorter than standard twin beds.

Julie is a perfect host. Discreet, she responds within a minute if there is a need or a question.

The announcement highlights the need to have a car to get there. It’s almost essential. However, we have used taxis a few times which are quick and efficient. The little train we see passing from the balcony is also really useful but you need a vehicle to get there.